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Alpha: The History in Facts and Comments
Alpha Powered Dig my grave both long and narrow
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(from an old American song)

Paul V. Bolotoff
Release date: 14th of April 2005
Last modify date: 22nd of April 2007

in Russian


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Many technical documents by DEC and Compaq have been also used. This article wouldn't be complete without them.


The author pays a credit to Wikipedia for information on DEC's early history as well as products of those old days, also to Terry Shannon for his regular and informative newsletter "Shannon Knows {DEC, Compaq, HPC}"
This paper contains information collected from many unofficial resources found on the Net. A big and sincere appreciation goes to all their authors for especially interesting facts, comments, points of view asf.
The photographs of DEC Alpha 21064 (EV4) and Samsung Alpha 21264 (EV6) are a courtesy of
A special personal credit for useful notes and suggestions made while preparing this article goes to ISA_user, VLev, Yury_Malich, Stranger_NN and matik (all are from
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