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Kingston, Mass. -- October 24, 2001  --  Microway,  a  leading  manufacturer  of
custom configured Alpha based Linux Beowulf Clusters  and  UNIX  servers,  today
announced it has signed an agreement to  be  the  exclusive  sales  and  service
provider of API NetWorks' Alpha-based  product  line.  Through  this  agreement,
Microway will assume responsibility for servicing API NetWorks' current customer
base located in North and South America, Europe and Japan. This  agreement  also
names Microway as the master distributor of API NetWorks' Alpha  based  products
in the named regions. API chose Microway  based  on  the  solid  combination  of
extensive  technical  expertise,  demonstrated  financial  stability  and   long
standing experience with Alpha based products.

"As a respected leader in the Supercomputing market, we understand the  need  of
customers for continued technical  support,  outstanding  service  and  advanced
technology," said Ann Fried, Chairperson of Microway. "All  past  API  NetWorks'
customers can  be  assured  that  Microway  has  the  technology  and  expertise
necessary to provide ongoing superior service. This exclusive agreement with API
NetWorks allows us to further expand our customer base. In addition, it  ensures
that our leadership role in Alpha-based Beowulf clusters will continue for years
to come."

Gerry Talbot, President and CTO  of  API  NetWorks  commented,  "This  agreement
demonstrates our commitment to insuring existing customers have  access  to  the
highest quality of service as we focus on the HyperTransport technology  market.
Microway is API NetWorks' largest North American reseller. Their experience with
Alpha based products extends over six years and they are recognized as a leading
manufacturer of reliable, high-performance computing solutions in the industry."

Recently  API  NetWorks  shifted  focus  onto  their  HyperTransport   component
technologies,   targeted   towards   the   performance   and    bandwidth-hungry
communications, networking and storage markets.

About Microway, Inc.

A major vendor in the Supercomputing marketplace, Microway provides state of the
art, cost  effective,  high  end  Linux  and  UNIX  solutions  to  universities,
financial  institutions,  Fortune  500  corporations  and  government   research
agencies worldwide. Incorporated  in  1982,  the  company  currently  integrates
Alpha, Intel® Pentium, and Athlon processors into Linux and UNIX based clusters,
servers  and  workstations.  Microway  also  manufactures   dual   Alpha   21264
motherboards and daughtercards. Its trademarks include NumberSmasher,  GigaCube,
Screamer,  RuggedRak  and  QuadPuter.  For  more   information,   please   visit
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