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  Alpha Processor, Inc. Debuts to Drive 64-Bit Alpha In High-Volume NT Markets

NEW YORK, June 16, 1998 -- The formation of Alpha Processor, Inc.  (API)  as  an
independent company dedicated to the marketing  and  technical  support  of  the
Alpha microprocessor architecture, was announced  here  by  Samsung  Electronics
Co., Ltd., Compaq Computer  Corp.  and  Microsoft  Corp.  announced  their  full
support for the mission and strategy of the new company.

The new company, dedicated  to  the  promotion  and  development  of  the  Alpha
architecture, assures Alpha's  continuing  success  in  the  Windows NT  market.
Compaq's commitment to build  Alpha-based  systems,  and  Microsoft's  plans  to
provide complete operating system and development support for  Alpha  at  parity
with any other microprocessor provides a strong  foundation  for  the  company's

Boston-based Alpha Processor, Inc., a subsidiary of SEC,  recruited  experienced
talent from Samsung, Digital Semiconductor and other firms.  The  venture  is  a
fabless U.S. startup with the charter of driving the Alpha  processor  into  the
64-bit Windows NT market.

"Although a  new  company,  Alpha  Processor,  Inc.  benefits  from  world-class
technology, performance leadership and  volume  manufacturing  and  distribution
resources," said Dr. Daeje Chin, executive vice president  and  CEO  of  Samsung
Electronics' System LSI Group and API's new CEO. "Alpha is the only commercially
available  processor  capable  of  breaking  the  one  GigaHertz  barrier.   Our
relationship with Compaq ensures expertise in volume channel marketing;  through
Microsoft, we can deliver Windows NT compatibility. Together we will  drive  the
high-volume enterprise market."

"With the 64-bit capabilities included in Windows NT 5.0, Microsoft will deliver
solutions such as Very  Large  Memory  that  will  provide  unique  performance
advantages to customers using the Alpha platform," said Jim Allchin, senior vice
president of personal and business systems group at Microsoft. "Alpha  continues
to lead the way in 64-bit computing. We will continue to provide native  support
for Alpha in all versions of our server software and development tool  software,
giving customers a powerful, scalable architecture  for  delivering  enterprise-
-ready solutions. With  the  inclusion  of  translation  technology  in  NT 5.0,
Microsoft will ensure that Alpha is capable of  running  all  existing  Windows-
-based applications."

"Compaq's commitment to open standards, established channel support  and  strong
brand recognition, will help play a key role in  the  evolution  of  the  64-bit
Alpha platform into an industry-standard high-volume solution," said John  Rose,
senior vice president and group general  manager,  enterprise  computing  group,
Compaq Computer Corporation.

"Alpha represents an extension  to  Compaq's  expansive  Intel-based  solutions,
enhancing our offerings to deliver  powerful  64-bit  solutions  today.  Alpha's
performance, scalability and availability will enable Compaq to be  the  leading
vendor supporting the 64-bit capabilities of  Windows NT  5.0  when  it  becomes
available," continued Rose.

"Alpha Processor, Inc. enters this exciting, fast-growth market with customer-
-tested leading-edge products, seasoned executives  and  support  from  industry
leaders, Compaq and Microsoft and Samsung," said Chin.

About Alpha Processor, Inc.

Alpha Processor, Inc.,  markets  and  sells  the  world's  fastest  commercially
available 64-bit microprocessors. Engineered by Compaq Computer and manufactured
in volume by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Alpha microprocessors are based on  an
open industry standard architecture and are the only 64-bit Windows NT solutions
on  the  market  today.  The  company  is  headquartered   in   greater   Boston
Massachusetts and is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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