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                              FOR ALPHA TECHNOLOGY

MAYNARD, Mass. -- February 9, 1998 -- Digital  Equipment  Corporation  announced
today that it will grant Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  an  Alpha  architectural
license to strengthen their ongoing business relationship  based  on  the  Alpha
microprocessor. It was also announced that  Samsung  will  create  a  subsidiary
dedicated to the marketing and sales of Alpha microprocessors. Digital will work
closely with the subsidiary and provide marketing and technical support.

The letter of intent announced today defines the terms under which Samsung  will
gain access to all Alpha microprocessor intellectual property, including patents
and future implementations. This will allow Samsung to make its own versions  of
the Alpha processor for specific markets. Digital will manage the  architectural
process to ensure architectural consistency, and will continue to develop future
Alpha designs. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Alpha Momentum Accelerates 

According to Harold D. Copperman, senior vice  president  and  group  executive,
Digital Products Division, "This agreement  further  solidifies  the  future  of
Alpha for our customers. It means they can choose from a far  broader  range  of
Alpha solutions and vendors well into the 21st century."

Dr. Daeje  Chin,  executive  vice  president  &  CEO  of  Samsung's  System  LSI
Division said, "Samsung already has developed very fast versions  of  the  21164
and 21264 Alpha microprocessors through  current  implementation  licenses  with
Digital. We now have access to Digital's future generation Alpha designs as well
as the freedom to build successive generations of cutting-edge Alpha products to
serve a broader customer base."

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  is  one  of  the  world's  leading  producers  of
semiconductors, consumer appliances, computers and telecommunications equipment.
Its semiconductor division manufactures and sells such products as memory, ASIC,
micom, etc. and had sales of US$6 billion in 1997.

Digital Equipment Corporation, recognized for product and service excellence, is
a leading supplier of high-performance, Web-based computing solutions that  help
enterprises compete in the global marketplace. Digital offers  its  customers  a
winning  Internet  advantage  through  a  comprehensive  portfolio  of  Internet
solutions based on award-winning systems,  advanced  networking  infrastructure,
innovative software, and  industry  applications  -  including  those  from  its
business partners. The  expertise  and  experience  of  Digital  employees  help
customers plan, design, implement, manage  and  support  Internet  solutions  in
countries throughout the world.

For the latest company information, visit Digital  on  the  World  Wide  Web  at
http:// and/or


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                  Equipment Corporation.

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