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       Samsung Introduces Alpha 21264, World's Fastest Microprocessor --
           Sets Standards for 64-bit Visual and Enterprise Computing

LAS VEGAS, USA -- April 6,  1998  --  Samsung  Semiconductor  Inc.  (SSI)  today
demonstrated its industry-leading microprocessor manufacturing capabilities with
the introduction of its next-generation Alpha 21264 processor family.

Manufactured on Samsung's leading-edge six-metal layer high speed logic process,
Alpha 21264 processors are two to five times faster than  any  other  processors
available for desktop and server computing platforms.

"These Alpha processors provide a new standard  for  emerging  visual  computing
applications, such as real-time MPEG II authoring on the  desktop,  without  any
add-in MPEG II hardware," said Y.J. Kim, director of Alpha marketing at Samsung.

The performance of the devices also indicates Samsung's  ability  to  add  value
through manufacturing, according to  Bert  McComas,  analyst  and  principal  at
InQuest, Gilbert, AZ. "Samsung is showing that it will carry the torch for Alpha
after the handoff."

"We congratulate  Samsung  on  developing  their  version  of  the  Alpha  21264
microprocessor,"  said  Dan  Casaletto,  vice  president,  Alpha  microprocessor
engineering for Digital Equipment Corp. "Samsung's Alpha 21264 microprocessor is
based on Digital's industry-leading Alpha technology and will be manufactured by
Samsung's world-class manufacturing organization."

The new 21264 processors feature  motion  video  instruction  sets  (MVI)  which
enable true visual computing and multimedia performance. MVI, combined with  the
sheer performance of the 21264, allows DVD with AC3  playback  as  well  as  DVD
recording without the need for add-in hardware, which  may  cost  anywhere  from
$5,000 to $20,000  today.  The  21264  is  also  slot  compatible  with  the  K7
microprocessor from AMD, giving OEMs a single motherboard solution  to  cover  a
range of price points.

"We're pleased to be part of this new open industry standard platform where OEMs
and end-users can choose any price  and  performance  on  the  same  motherboard
whether their applications are PC applications based  on  AMD  K7  processor  or
high-end workstation and enterprise server applications  based  on  Alpha  21264
processors. This platform is two years ahead  of  IA-64  and  is  a  very  cost-
-effective one from which the industry will  benefit.  This  is  the  only  true
scalable and cost effective Implementation for Ultimate  Visual  and  Enterprise
Computing," said Atiq Raza, executive vice president and chief technical officer
of Advanced Micro Devices.

The 21264 platform also allows true real-time video-conferencing in full-screen,
true Digital Studio environment on the desktop and true Web environment. The new
Alpha platform enables a true media server  environment  as  well  as  real-time
transaction environments needed for today's Windows NT server solutions.

"Alpha is the fastest Windows NT platform on the planet," said Dr. Dae Je  Chin,
CEO of Samsung Semicoductor's System LSI Group.  "With  our  strategic  partner,
Digital Equipment Corp., we believe we are on the right track to  producing  and
offering the world's first GigaHertz, 100 SPECint95 / 150 SPECfp95 processors by
the year 2000."

"Our digital artists are excited to create work on the Alpha-based  platform  to
deliver the best of what Hollywood has  to  offer  in  visual  effects,  content
creation and 3-D photorealism for Hollywood hits now and into the future,"  said
Grant Boucher, CEO of Station X Studios. Prior to launching Station  X,  Boucher
managed the team that created the entire 3-D photoreal digital Titanic  for  the
Oscar winning film of the same  name.  "By  utilizing  the  21264  platform,  we
believe we can finish films in less than half of the rendering time while at the
same time reducing the hardware budget. There is no substitute when it comes  to
Visual Computing. Alpha delivers up to 5 times  the  performance  of  any  other
architecture and at a significantly lower cost. Alpha  platform  pricing  brings
with it unmatched performance and value in comparison with any  other  platform.
We are excited to have leading  edge  semiconductor,  chipset,  and  motherboard
companies such as Samsung and AMD getting behind this platform, and I am  seeing
the availability of numerous key applications growing everyday."

KP21264 Processor / Architecture Features

- Out-of-order instruction execution

- 64KB on-chip data and instruction caches

- Powerful branch prediction through intuitive execution

- High bandwidth for high-speed access to level 2 cache memory and system memory
  (up to 5GB bandwith for L2-Cache)

- Chipsets supported by more than four leading-edge vendors, uni, dual, quad and
  24 or more

- Industry  open  standard  socket -  AMD  K7   chipset   support   and   Slot A
  interchageability on the same motherboard

- Scalable architecture based on cross-bar switch chipset implementations

- Supports Windows NT, UNIX, LINUX and VMS

Product Offerings and Performance

The initial Samsung 21264 processors come in  four  offerings,  initially,  with
the following performance:

- KP21264-2.0X, Est. 28 SPECint95 / 42 SPECfp95

- KP21264-2.5X, Est. 33 SPECint95 / 50 SPECfp95

- KP21264-3.0X, Est. 38 SPECint95 / 58 SPECfp95

- KP21264-3.5X, Est. 43 SPECint95 / 64 SPECfp95

KP21264-2.0X delivers about twice the Integer performance of the 500MHz  KP21164
processor or Intel's Pentium-II 333MHz processor. Even faster  versions  of  the
KP21264 family will be offered within six months of these initial offerings.

Pricing and Availability

KP21264 processor samples will be available in May 1998 and  sample  pricing  in
Q2/98 will be as follows:

- KP21264-2.0X = $2,500

- KP21264-2.5X = $3,500

- KP21264-3.0X = $4,500

- KP21264-3.5X = $6,500

Samsung's Alpha customers will be  introducing  systems  based  on  the  KP21264
toward the beginning of Q3/98. Dual CPU  motherboards  will  be  available  from
Samsung for design engineering support.

Samsung Semiconductor

Samsung Semiconductor is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Samsung  Electronics,  an
$18.8 billion dollar division of the $92.7 billion, Korean-based Samsung  Group.
Samsung's  Semiconductor  Division  is   the   seventh   largest   semiconductor
manufacturer and the leading producer of memory products in the  world.  Samsung
Semiconductor's North American headquarters are  located  in  San  Jose,  Calif.
Samsung was the first company to introduce the 64-Megabit  DRAM  and  the  first
fully functional 256-Megabit DRAM in 1994. In November  1996,  Samsung  had  the
world's first working silicon for  the  1-Gigabit  DRAM.  Samsung's  System  LSI
products include ASICs, microcontrollers, power devices, media products and  the
Alpha processor.

Samsung and the Samsung logo are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Digital and Alpha are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp.

Pentium II Processor is a trademark of Intel Corp.

Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

All other brand or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks  of
their respective holders.


Americas Contact:
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Y.J. Kim, 408/544-4510


Europe/Asia Contact:
Samsung Electronics
B.H. Suh, 82-331-209-4637
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