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The purpose of this text is to be a practical and easy reference for today's most popular hard disk drive formats used by desktop computers. While PC technicians and support staff will get the most use from this book in their daily dealings with PC hard drives and controllers, PC hobbiests and enthusiasts will also find it a valuable reference to keep handy whenever they need to work on a hard drive or controller.

The Micro House PC Hardware Library Volume I: Hard Drives contains complete set-up information and procedures for the industry's most common hard drives and controllers. It focuses on the two most prevalent hard drive interface formats in use today: IDE and SCSI.

The CD-ROM included with the Micro House PC Hardware Library contains some popular Micro House utilities to use with your hard drives. A fully-functional copy of ImageCast LE is included multicasting hard drive images. Other utilities are included for identifying a drive model, saving BIOS drive configurations and more. You'll also find the content of the tables from the book on the CD in searchable electronic format.


About This Book

This book is arranged into seven chapters. Each chapter has been designed to help you with every aspect of hard drive and hard drive controller installation.

Chapter 1 covers basic hard drive components and concepts common to many hard drives.

Chapter 2 contains comprehensive information on the IDE and SCSI interface types.

Chapter 3 discusses installation procedures for IDE and SCSI interface drives, including partitioning and high-level formatting.

Chapter 4 is a listing of many popular drive controller cards. This chapter includes a diagram for each card listed showing jumper and connector locations and tables of the relevant connections, pins, jumper defaults, and jumper uses.

Chapter 5 lists over two hundred popular and common IDE and SCSI hard drives. Note that many of the manufacturers have several similar models that are all described in the same figures and tables. For example, the Conner Peripherals CFA850S, CFA1275S, CFP1080S all share the same diagram and configuration tables so these are all listed together. So, be sure to look through all of the models listed on each page to see if the model you need is listed. For each drive (or set or drives) there is a diagram showing the orientation of the connectors and relevant jumpers. The tables with each drive show jumper settings for items such as master/slave configuration on IDE drives, SCSI IDs on SCSI drives, and any other user settable jumpers.

Chapter 6 lists physical and logical drive parameters for over 3600 drives from dozens of major manufacturers. Use these tables to identify drive capacity and to enter logical drive settings in the BIOS where needed.

Chapter 7 is a quick reference to IDE drive capacities and legal BIOS logical parameters for IDE drives. if you have an IDE drive that you cannot locate the manufacturer's recommended logical parameters for in either chapter 6 or in manufacturer drive settings, these generic settings will work for your BIOS as long as you have the correct drive capacity.

Appendix A lists manufacturer contact information for most major hard drive and drive controller vendors. You will also find other drive related vendors for items such as removable media and drive configuration and maintenance utilities.

Table of Contents