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KEMET SMD Tantalum Capacitors
PDF Data Sheet for T525 Series
Industrial Grade (Low ESR, High Temperature: 125°C)
[Conductive Polymer Cathode]
Download the PDF Data Sheet (91Kb)
T525 Features:
125°C Maximum Temperature Capability
Polymer Cathode Technology
High Frequency Capacitance Retention
Non-Ignition Failure Mode
Capacitance: 33µF to 680µF
Voltage: 2.5V to 16V
Use up to 90% of Rated Voltage (10% Derating) for part types <= 10V
Use up to 80% of Rated Voltage (20% Derating) for part types > 10V
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
100% Accelerated Steady State Aging
100% Surge Current Testing
Self-Healing Mechanism
Volumetrically Efficient
Extremely Stable ESR at 125°C
EIA Standard Case Sizes
RoHS Compliant
Applies to:
T525T107M2R5ATE080 T525D337M2R5ATE025 T525D477M2R5ATE025 T525D687M2R5ATE025 T525B107M003ATE080
T525B157M003ATE080 T525D337M003ATE025 T525D477M003ATE025 T525D687M003ATE025 T525T686M004ATE080
T525B686M004ATE080 T525B107M004ATE080 T525D227M004ATE025 T525D337M004ATE025 T525D477M004ATE025
T525D477M004ATE040 T525B336M006ATE080 T525T476M006ATE080 T525B476M006ATE080 T525B686M006ATE080
T525D157M006ATE025 T525D227M006ATE025 T525D337M006ATE025 T525D337M006ATE040 T525T336M008ATE080
T525B226M010ATE080 T525T336M010ATE080 T525B336M010ATE080 T525D107M010ATE025 T525D107M010ATE055
T525D157M010ATE025 T525D157M010ATE055 T525D227M010ATE025 T525D476M016ATE035 T525D476M016ATE065

T525T107M2R5AHE080 T525D337M2R5AHE025 T525D477M2R5AHE025 T525D687M2R5AHE025 T525B107M003AHE080
T525B157M003AHE080 T525D337M003AHE025 T525D477M003AHE025 T525D687M003AHE025 T525T686M004AHE080
T525B686M004AHE080 T525B107M004AHE080 T525D227M004AHE025 T525D337M004AHE025 T525D477M004AHE025
T525D477M004AHE040 T525B336M006AHE080 T525T476M006AHE080 T525B476M006AHE080 T525B686M006AHE080
T525D157M006AHE025 T525D227M006AHE025 T525D337M006AHE025 T525D337M006AHE040 T525T336M008AHE080
T525B226M010AHE080 T525T336M010AHE080 T525B336M010AHE080 T525D107M010AHE025 T525D107M010AHE055
T525D157M010AHE025 T525D157M010AHE055 T525D227M010AHE025 T525D476M016AHE035 T525D476M016AHE065
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