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Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128Mb AGP:
Advanced Overclocking

Paul V. Bolotoff
Release date: 11th of April 2007
Last modify date: 24th of May 2007



Once upon a time, while digging in his piles of old and very old computer hardware, the author has spotted a Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128Mb AGP video card. Well, there is nothing really special about it, just a fast mainstream hardware of not so far past. It hasn't accommodated even a Rage Theater chip for video input capabilities. Furthemore, eight Samsung K4D261638F 128Mbit 3.3ns GDDR SDRAM memory chips (PDF datasheet, 168Kb) of TSOP-II packaging haven't seemed to be as promising as BGA packaged ones which can be found on many other Radeon 9600XT cards. Finally, the cooling hasn't looked attractive either.
Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128Mb AGP (front view)
(click to enlarge, 129Kb)
Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128Mb AGP (back view)
(click to enlarge, 128Kb)

Hell knows why the author has decided to try this card for overclocking, but the results have appeared to be quite interesting. RV360, the graphprocessor, has been able to reach 553.50MHz from default 499.50MHz without any sign of overheating. The memory has been pushed even better — from default 297.00MHz (594.00MHz effective) to 371.25MHz (742.50MHz effective). Things become even more interesting if to take a look at the datasheet and to find out that the fastest memory of this type is labelled to run at 350MHz (700MHz effective) with increased from 2.5V to 2.8V power supply. So, this card has shown to be worth of further actions. That's right, it's time for advanced overclocking!
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