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3Dfx Glide for UNIX
3Dfx Interactive

Rhett M. Hollander
Project released: September of 2002
Project status: suspended

Time flies, there is no more such a company called 3Dfx Interactive, and you won't see Voodoo series 3D accelerators on the market. Glide is now an open-source, but almost dead API (Application Programming Interface) because of its strict dependence on 3Dfx Voodoo hardware. Considering circumstances, you may guess why Glide, 3Dfx Interactive and the Voodoo family are sinking into oblivion. Now they are history.
I shall not tell you here about 3Dfx products and their features. This is a whole big story, though it shall also be told.
As for now, let's get back to our bananas. Here are Glide libraries, both the source code and x86 Linux binaries. You can use the source code to build the Glide libraries and accompanying tools on your own, and it's the recommended way to go. These x86 Linux binaries are provided for another reason. If you're running a FreeBSD / NetBSD / OpenBSD system and want to run some 3D action games (e. g., Unreal Tournament) through Glide, you'll have to do so under Linux binary compatibility. That's because all commercial 3D titles in the UNIX world keep a tradition to be compiled for Linux only. Hence, you will need to install both a Linux binary compatibility package (e. g., linux_base-X.X for FreeBSD) and the Linux versions of Glide libraries. I build these binaries from the source tree on a periodic basis.
Though not only Quake3 matters in this world, I have built the MesaVoodooGL library (libMesaVoodooGL) under Linux with MMX and 3DNow! optimisations. It provides hardware OpenGL acceleration through Glide v2 calls. Runs well, no comments.
After some period of inactivity, I've started to improve Glide somewhere since mid-February of 2003. I've had an intention to achieve some performance increase for Voodoo 2 and fix numerous little bugs meanwhile, after that I've had planned to try my luck with Voodoo Graphics. It's not much different from Voodoo 2, besides I have the hardware. Voodoo3 & Banshee should be the next. There is no intention to work for those 3Dfx accelerators based upon VSA-100 chips (Voodoo 4 and Voodoo 5) because they're significantly different from the previous generation of Voodoo series hardware. Additionally, it's not likely that I shall ever do something for Glide v3.
However, there are some compatibility issues. The Glide codebase is growing older, hence some actions should be taken to make sure it compiles & runs fine under newer releases of operating systems mentioned above with GCC 3.xx. Currently, I can state that Glide v2 for Voodoo 2 builds & runs fine under FreeBSD 5.0 (GCC 3.2.1 or 2.95.4) and Linux 2.4.19 (GCC 2.95.3) on the x86 platform, not sure about NetBSD & OpenBSD.
Unfortunately, I have no time to continue the development since there are more important tasks awaiting for my attention, so the development has been suspended. But I haven't forgotten about the project and hope to get back some day.
3Dfx Glide source code
Hardware Glide 2.x Glide 3.x Release Size
Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo Rush 2.46 n/a 6a 1337K
Voodoo 2 2.53 3.01 162003 1907K
Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo 3 2.60 3.10 18 1720K
3Dfx Glide Linux (x86) binaries
Voodoo Graphics 2.46 - 6a 245K
Voodoo Rush 2.46 - 6a 278K
Voodoo 2 2.53 - 162003 423K
Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo 3 2.60 - 18 313K
MesaVoodooGL Linux (x86) binary
Voodoo Graphics, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo 2,
Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo 3
any - 3.4.2 773K

1. Glide 3.x for Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo 3 can be built either as a DRI client or as a stand-alone library.
2. The Linux binaries were built and tested with kernel-2.4.19, glibc-2.2.2, gcc-2.95.3, XFree86-4.2.1; some older ones   with kernel-2.2.10, glibc-2.1.1, gcc-2.95.3, XFree86-4.2.0. To use them under FreeBSD, you need a linux_base-7.1 (6.1 for older binaries) or newer package installed.
3. Glide 3.x from the V3 Linux x86 binary distribution was built as a stand-alone library.

3Dfx Glide datasheets (gzipped PDFs)
Document Size
Glide 2.4 Programming Guide 857Kb
Glide 2.4 Reference Manual 388Kb
Glide 3.0 Programming Guide 949Kb
Glide 3.0 Reference Manual 336Kb
Glide 3.0 Release Notes 46Kb


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